Top 10 Tips for Being Stress-Free

1. Give up caring about what others think. Do what's right for you and feel good about it.

2. Exercise! Stretch your body and release those endorphins! Living more in your body will deepen your day to day experience and exponentially increase the quality of your life and your sense of well being.

3. Have fun! Don't forget how wonderful it feels to laugh. Have fun with what ever you're doing.

4. Community. Let others join you in what you're doing. When we live from the concept that "we're all in this together" we live from a shared humanity. This creates a sense of
camaraderie and community which buffers us from the stresses of day to day life.

5. Don't take everything so personally. Listen to others objectively; it's not always about you!

6. Listen to different perspectives. This enlarges your perspective which leads to greater understanding and an enhanced sense of compassion.

7. Delight yourself. Surround yourself with whatever it is that delights you. Surround yourself with beauty, with music, with motion, colors or sounds. Pamper your senses to create a stress-free environment.

8. Create Space. Don't take on projects or responsibilities that don't directly connect to your values or goals. Create space for the things you want more of in your life by keeping the less important things out.

9. Connections. Connections are the ties that bind us to each other. Appreciate the connections in your life and do what ever it takes to create and deepen them. (This includes the connection with yourself.)

10. Business before play. Take care of business so you can relax and play with your friends and family. If you don't take care of business, it'll be hard to give yourself to life's joy.


Jan Gordon, LCSW is an Executive and Personal Coach who finds great joy in helping her clients achieve outstanding results! Ms. Gordon provides coaching to individuals and teams who are dedicated to enhancing their personal power and sense of fulfilment. Her coaching embraces the concept that challenge provides opportunity. Visit her website at: Jan can reached at

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