Top 10 Strategies for Workplace Renewal

The sinking economy, the impending war and gasoline prices higher than ever are creating jitters in and outside of the workplace. It’s difficult to stay highly charged and positively motivated when faced with increased workloads and financial anxieties. The concept of renewal is more important than ever, though also more difficult to orient around when we’re busy scrambling to meet deadlines and meeting the bottom line.
Renewal according to Merriam Webster means to *make like new: to restore to freshness, vigor or perfection.* Renewal is the perfect antidote for increased worries in a troubled world.

1. Know what’s important to you. Know YOUR own bottom line – what you’re willing to compromise on and what you’re not. Internal clarity is a key component of renewal and restoration.

2. Know what motivates you. Know what concerns are at play when you’re engaged in activities, especially those that you dread or would rather not be doing.

3. Look for the learning opportunity. In everything we do, there’s opportunity for growth. Usually, the things we least want to do offer us the most opportunity for growth. Stay focused on the learning opportunity, particularly when taking on the difficult tasks and roles. This will aid continual growth, development and renewal.

4. Get outside of yourself. This doesn’t mean zoning out on television or alcohol. It does mean engaging in activities that stretch and develop you – and might not have anything to do with your work or professional development needs!

5. Be physical. Too many of us live from our heads and our hearts – and not our bodies. We don’t stretch or develop ourselves physically. Try pumping iron for maximum intensity and centering, or take a Pilates or kickboxing class. Do something physical that you don’t usually do or haven’t done before.

6. Maintain connections. Too often, when we’re stressed and over-worked, we dismiss our need for collegial relationships– we’re too busy meeting the bottom line. This is a big mistake! Maintain connections to those around you, stay involved socially. Building community is nourishing and helps to keep us connected to our core values.

7. De-clutter. If you’re cluttered and have no space, new developments aren’t going to emerge. Clear out the clutter so you’ll have the space for new things to emerge and take hold. Clear spaces provide a foundation for growth, renewal and abundance.

8. Telling the truth. Renewal can’t come if you’re living a lie or not telling the truth. Tell the truth to yourself. It’s the first step towards renewal… even if you take no other action other than telling the truth to yourself.

9. Be open to kindred spirits. Keep your eyes open for others who have traveled the road you’re traveling. Knowing that others have endured the bumpy road that you’re currently experiencing will help you to keep your situation in perspective.

10. Keep it simple. As you de-clutter and get rid of outdated possessions, habits and relationships, your appreciation for the simple things in life will increase. This is a source of renewal; you’ll be more in touch with your core values. Simplicity clearly leads to renewal and enrichment.



Jan Gordon, LCSW is an Executive and Personal Coach who finds great joy in helping her clients achieve outstanding results! Ms. Gordon provides coaching to individuals and teams who are dedicated to enhancing their personal power and sense of fulfilment. Her coaching embraces the concept that challenge provides opportunity. Visit her website at: Jan can reached at

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