Ten Approaches to Goal Achievement

1. Have a deadline. Have a deadline that counts. If you don't have an externally imposed deadline, create one. Convince yourself that the deadline that YOU set is as important as the deadlines that are set by others.

2. Create accountability. Ask a friend or a co-worker to help you stay focused and productive by telling them about your deadline. Ask them to call you at a specified time for a quick check-in. The accountability will help you to maintain momentum.

3. Build relationships with others who share your philosophy and approach to work. You'll appreciate the support and tips you'll gain from each other.

4. Appreciate the conflict. We all enjoy being productive. However, for the times that we get stuck, consider the possibility that there's a message in our lack of inertia that we can learn from. Frequently when we verbalize what's beneath the paralysis, we find the conflict dissipates.

5. Shift the paradigm! There are infinite ways of viewing an object or situation. Look for all the different ways that one could view your situation ­ then, realize that since it's all made up anyway, that you have full control over creating whatever it is you want! Shift your paradigm or create another -- either way, realize that you have a choice in how to live your life!

6. Take a break. Your mind could be trying to tell you that it's numb from too much pressure or activity, and that it needs a break. Get involved in a totally different activity and live from a different part of yourself for an invigorating break ­ one you'll return from fully charged!

7. Know your daily objectives. Many people aren't clear about their daily objectives or priorities. Daily objectives are NOT our to-do lists. Always write your daily priorities side by side your to-do list. Many of us spend more time on our non-priority items than on our priority objectives. Notice the difference between the two, and make appropriate changes so your to-do list supports your daily objectives.

8. Break big goals into small tasks. Successful goal achievement requires the ability to break big goals into bite-size components. Break down your goals into small steps for effective project management.

9. Reward yourself! Set up a reward system to celebrate your efforts and accomplishments. Do this regularly and observe whether rewarding yourself motivates you to continue moving forward. For many, rewards help!

10. Timing is everything! Schedule yourself for activities that require a high level of concentration when you're at your best. Do more mindless work when you're not as sharp. Use your strengths to your advantage, and minimize your weaknesses by performing the tasks during the most appropriate times.



Jan Gordon, LCSW is an Executive and Personal Coach who finds great joy in helping her clients achieve outstanding results! Ms. Gordon provides coaching to individuals and teams who are dedicated to enhancing their personal power and sense of fulfilment. Her coaching embraces the concept that challenge provides opportunity. Visit her website at: www.qualitycoaching.com. Jan can reached at jan@qualitycoaching.com

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